Special Program: Becoming Political Actors

Strategies for Liberating Palestine As We Enter the Biden Administration

After decades of campaigning, lobbying, and protest, how should we evaluate the struggle for Palestinian national rights, particularly as we enter into the Biden Administration? After the death of the two-state solution and the willingness of Arab regimes to normalize with Israel, what strategy is necessary to continue our struggle? Can legislative lobbying, grassroots protest, BDS, or campaigns for Palestinian human and national rights succeed without a political program that envisions a just end-game? And if not, what is our program, our plan, our vision? Is the establishment of a single democracy between the River and the Sea the only way Palestinians will be liberated and an inclusive polity replace apartheid?

What, then, should be our goals and strategy as we enter into the Biden administration? For what are we advocating? And how do we mobilize American public opinion and the grassroots as effective advocates? These critical questions are at the center of this webinar’s important discussion.

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Palestinian coordinator, One Democratic State Campaign; former Secretary-General, Balad/Tajamo party.

Palestinian-American human rights lawyer; co-founder, International Solidarity Movement

Senior Government Affairs Manager, Jewish Voice for Peace Action; formerly Defense for Children International-Palestine, co-leading the No Way to Treat a Child campaign.

Director, Israel Committee Against House Demolitions; founding member, One Democratic State Campaign

Executive Director, Indiana Center for Middle East Peace; ICAHD-USA board; UCC-PIN

Robert Herbst, Moderator
Civil rights attorney, Special Prosecutor to International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Trials, Rwanda


Israel Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD-USA, ICAHD-UK)
One Democratic State Campaign
Jewish Voice for Peace Action, JVP-Detroit
Indiana Center for Middle East Peace
Israel Palestine Mission Network, Presbyterian Church USA
MennoPIN (Palestine Israel Network) - Mennonite Church USA
United Church of Christ Palestine Israel Network
Kairos West Michigan

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