The Nakba @ 75: The Ongoing Palestinian Catastrophe

In May 1948, three-quarters of a million Palestinians were forcibly displaced as the state of Israel was established. This event is remembered as the "Nakba" - the Catastrophe. Today, 75 years later:

... every Palestinian remains at risk of forcible transfer.  Embedded in Israel’s settler-colonial and apartheid regime, Israel continues to implement its unlawful policies and practices against Palestinians, including through the appropriation of natural resources, denial of residency rights, home demolitions, and discriminatory planning and zoning. Israel’s arsenal of apartheid tools operates to reinforce a coercive environment for Palestinians, wherever they are. 

from Al-Haq

The Indiana Center for Middle East Peace commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Nakba by highlighting the ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people with a series of three interviews/webinars free and open to the public.

May 4: Sandra Tamari, founder of the Adalah Justice Project

May 13: Sam Bahour & 1948 Nakba Survivors, The Continuing Nakba & the Responsibilities for Justice. Cohosted with the Chicago Faith Coalition on Middle East Policy

May 18: Phil Weiss, founder, Mondoweiss

These will be conducted via Zoom, and you are invited to log in and join us - we hope you will! For information about each interview, and to register, please go to our Events Page.

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