In Memoriam

Joan N. Coslow, 1930 - 2020

This past Monday, February 10, 2020, Joan Coslow - a friend, stalwart supporter, and board member of ICMEP - passed away. Joan was kind and passionate and thoughtful and just a solidly good person. We will miss her terribly. Those of you following our blog who are fortunate enough to have known her are invited to share your favorite memories of her with us in the comments section, sharing a celebration of the incredible person she was.

Joan's obituary is posted online, and you may leave notes for her family there as well.

A celebration of Joan's life is planned for Thursday, February 13, at D.O. McComb & Sons Funeral Home at Lakeside Park in Fort Wayne. Calling hour begins at 2:00pm, and the service will begin at 3:00pm.

Let us carry on the good work of peace, to which our friend Joan was so devoted. Certainly her life and spirit will continue to inspire and exhort us along the way. Well done, Joan; rest in blessing.

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  1. Joan was a dear friend of mine for over 35 years. She will be greatly missed. Joan had many qualities that made her different than most. She was loving, caring, compassionate, kind, considerate, empathic, and a peacemaker. She never displayed her anger destructively. You might have never known she was angry. She could discuss and debate differences of opinion with a smile, always leaving a nugget of wisdom to consider.

    Joan worked tirelessly for causes she supported and commitments that she made. She was fair and tolerant. Joan read voraciously and was always quick to suggest a book that was a fun read or would help to broaden the understanding of an issue or cause.

    She loved the beach, sunshine, good food, walking, her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and all people. She had accumulated a collection of lovely pins that she wore on a sweater, jacket or scarf with regal grace and a twinkle in her eye.

    She disliked sitting at home with nothing to do. She preferred to be among people or just outside her house. Long Indiana winters were boring to her but she rarely found weather a reason to stay home when there was a meeting , lunch with a friend, or gathering she could attend. She loved beauty of all sorts, art, music and theatre.

    To her friends she was a confidant, encourager, secret-keeper, listener, and willing companion. She was loyal, honest, trustworthy, authentic, and non-judgmental. Joan was graceful and filled with grace. She will be greatly missed.

    My condolences to her family and my regret that I am away and cannot attend her funeral.

  2. It was a distinct privilege in my life to have known Joan and to have been sincerely and deeply touched by her kind and gentle manner. I had known Joan’s son, Dick, through his work with Cancer Services where we both volunteered for a time and I had not put Dick and his mother together. But, of course, I should have. Joan’s smile and her eyes would hold you captive. And I always felt when I was in her presence that she was fully present to me. She clearly inspired so many in her life and the opportunity for us is that her loving spirit lives on in our lives. May we, in deed, carry on the good work of peace and justice. xo janet

  3. What a dear heart! Touching lives with a healing, kind and generous touch-professionally and personally! An unforgettable lady! Condolences to her loved ones!

  4. Roseann H. Bloomfield

    Joan’s gentle smile and greeting was most welcome at any event. My sympathy to her family.

  5. Having moved away from Ft. Wayne some years ago, I was surprised and saddened by Joan’s death. I sort of thought she would always be there! She was such a steady and calm presence, that things seemed under control and as they should be when she was around. There will be a hole in the fabric of my Ft. Wayne memories with Joan gone.

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