Conversation with Daoud Nassar

Join us April 7 for a conversation with our good friend Daoud Nassar.

The Nassar family has lived on a 100 acre farm, named Tent of Nations, outside Bethlehem since 1916, with a legal deed and over 100 years of taxes paid. However, it is now being threatened by the Israeli government, five surrounding settlements, a newly-built yeshiva, and local Palestinian villagers.

Nevertheless, the motto of Tent of Nations remains strong: "We Refuse to Be Enemies."  Daoud has written recently, "... we are still struggling on two main fronts right now with an increase of attacks on us and the property in the last days.  We are trying to put pressure hoping that things will get better in the next coming weeks."

Daoud's full letter in the latest Friends of Tent of Nations North America (FOTONNA) newsletter can be found HERE.

Check our our Events page for details on pre-registering for the interview.

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