Leila El-Haddad, The Gaza Mom, The Gaza Kitchen

INDIANA CENTER FOR MIDDLE EAST PEACE is excited to be hosting author Laila El-Haddad on Thursday, February 23, at the Universal Education Foundation Muslim Center, 2223 Goshen Road, 6:30-8:30pm. Laila El-Haddad has a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. She has authored The Gaza Mom: Palestine, Politics, Parenting & Everything In-Between…

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Mike Pence – Most Powerful Christian Supremacist in US history

While the mainstream press focuses on Rudy Guiliani, John Bolton, Stephen Bannon, Chris Christie, and others, VP-Elect Mike Pence stealthily, behind-the-scenes, quietly consolidates power in the new administration. Stealthy, except for us who know him in Indiana. Scary, very scary. Not the way of Jesus. https://theintercept.com/2016/11/15/mike-pence-will-be-the-most-powerful-christian-supremacist-in-us-history/

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