2010 Report

The Indiana Center for Middle East Peace (ICMEP) has as its Mission: “to promote critical awareness of issues that impact a just peace in the Middle East and to facilitate intercultural encounters locally and globally.”

ICMEP is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We have no paid staff, no permanent home and rely solely on volunteer support for time, talent and resources to achieve our mission. To that end, we host a variety of educational programs throughout the year, have a web site that lists resources for those who are interested in reading Middle East media and books about the Middle East and participate as a group and as individuals in opportunities for education and study throughout the area.

ICMEP began the year with Archbishop Elias (Abuna) Chacour speaking at Life Bridge Church Archbishop Chacour was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In February ICMEP sponsored a panel discussion at Trinity Episcopal Church – People of the Book with Rabbi Marla Spanjer, Imam Tamir Rasheed and Dr. L. Michael Spath.

In March, Fr. Tom Hansen shared his pictures, experiences and thoughts of his tour to Israel – A Priest visits the Holy Land.

Dr. Stephen Zunes is a Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of San Francisco, where he chairs the program in Middle Eastern Studies, Dr. Zunes led a Symposium at Plymouth Congregational Church in April.

28 people joined Michael on the 2010 Pilgrims of Hope tour in June, -- A "Living Stones" Study and Solidarity Tour in the Holy Land.

Allen Keiswetter presently is adjunct scholar at the Middle East Institute. Previously, he served as a senior advisor to the US delegation to the United Nations on Middle Eastern issues, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, and Director of Arabian Peninsula Affairs in the State Department's Near East Bureau. He has held various posts in Khartoum, Baghdad, and Beirut, and has also taught at the American War College.

Ethnographic Media’s Little Town of Bethlehem tells the personal stories of two Palestinians, Christian Sami Awad (a good friend of Indiana Center for Middle East Peace) and Muslim Ahmad Al-Azzeh, and one Israeli Jew, Yonatan Shapira, who use nonviolence to resolve conflict and work for peace in their countries was shown at Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne in October.

Dr. Nicolae Roddy is Associate Professor of Theology at Creighton University where he teaches Hebrew Bible.  He serves as co-director and supervising archaeologist for the Consortium of the Bethsaida Excavations Project and the Virtual World Project (www.virtualworldproject.org).  He serves on the steering committee of the Religious Experience in Early Judaism and Early Christianity and the Biblical Studies in the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Traditions sections of the Society of Biblical Literature, as well as Senior Editor for the new Journal of the Orthodox Center for the Advancement of Biblical Studies (JOCABS, available at www.ocabs.org/journal). He was a Fulbright Scholar in Romania in 1994-1995. Spoke at Life Bridge Church about his experiences while excavating Bethsaida.

ICMEP wrapped up the year with a very successful Fundraiser held at the Autumn Ridge County Club with Mike Farrell as the keynote speaker.


Financial Report 2010

Total Donations for 2010 $9,783.20 vs 2009 Donations of $6,468

72 Donors for 2010

Auction income $6,470

Dinner Gross $7,947

Dinner and Reception expenses including Honorariums $6,947.95

Checkbook & Bank ending balance 31 December 2010 = $12,455.00

Investments $54.95 x 10 = $549.50, 31 December 2010

31 December 2010 Total Funds available = $13,004.50

Speaker Fees and Expenses (Does not include Fundraiser) = $3,225

Geneva Center, UAC Expenses = $2,047

Michael Spath, Executive Director